Monday, 11 November 2013

A Farewell

As my time with Nursing Studies ran out some time ago, I'm long overdue signing off this blog and wishing Nurse Stories a fond farewell. 

While I move on to other writing projects, this blog will stay online - in a kind of suspended animation - for a time to be determined by Blogger. I hope it will inspire many nurses and nurse writers to come. You won't be able to post comments, however. 

With the commemoration of the First World War coming up however, I couldn't just leave you without a recommendation for a great and timely piece of writing about nurses, which really captures the essence of the role.

Thomas Keneally's Daughters of Mars is  a totally satisfying, well researched novel which follows two Australian sisters into their careers as nurses throughout the First World War. It concentrates on their working lives, the cramped conditions of hospital ships off Gallipoli and the tented hospitals of Northern France, the medical and emotional responsibilities they took on. Fascinating stuff for these early dark evenings.

Read and write on,

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